Covid-19 restrictions

The Executive Committee of the Greenwich Society, which has been meeting via Zoom throughout the last year or so, is looking forward to the lifting of restrictions and a gradual return to normal business - including a full programme of events for members (members' parties, annual lecture, supper club nights, talks and the quiz), details of which will appear on our Events page.

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Conduit Head - Hyde Vale

Work supported by the Greenwich Society

Blake Morrison on Blackheath and Greenwich in Literature

Photography Competition


 Weather, Covid-19 restrictions ...

The closing deadline for entries into the Photography Competition has been extended from 1st June to 30th June 2021



The idea of adopting and improving strips of land which have been neglected for  a long time has caught on and we now have 5 such strips which locals ( hopefully all members of the Greenwich Society!) are working on. If you have a strip of land which you would like to improve could you let us know. We would seek to provide some additional manpower and there is the possibility of obtaining plants and wild flower turf without charge. If you would like to become involved drop Tim Barnes an e-mail at