The Greenwich Society

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a strong voice for those who live and work in Greenwich. We strive to preserve and enhance the local environment, encouraging the best of the new to improve the quality of life for the community.

Greenwich Society Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The Greenwich Society values:

  • Community cohesion
  • Preservation
  • Heritage
  • Quality of life
  • Locality and place-making
  • Collaboration

The Greenwich Society seeks this impact:

To have a more influential voice in concert with other like-minded groups so that Greenwich residents can enjoy a better quality of life.
  • The Greenwich Society has plans for the future!
  • For communication - to expand distribution of communications; to seek feedback from members; to increase use of social media.
  • For membership - to recruit a more diverse membership.
  • For planning - to engage pro-actively with local Council; to maintain continuous monitoring of major planning applications; to seek ways to enforce planning decisions.
  • For events -to expand the events programme to reach a wider audience.
  • For partnerships and alliances - to build links with local cultural, educational and political institutions; to develop joint events with other amenity groups.

The Greenwich Society is -

  • a Registered Charity 262023
  • a member of the London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies
  • a member of Civic Voice

The business of the Greenwich Society is overseen by the Executive Committee
The President of the Society is Ursula Bowyer