EGRA ask for support to challenge the liner terminal

From EGRA (Thursday 3rd March 2016)

EGRA Press Release (Word icon)

Dear members and friends of EGRA,

Some of you will already know that EGRA are supporting the legal challenge to the planning permission granted in December last year for an international cruise terminal to be built on the Thames at Enderby Wharf. The Royal Borough of Greenwich granted permission without (in our view) adequate assessment of the air pollution that will arise from ships. EGRA has consistently called for a clean onshore power supply to be provided to reduce the dangerous emissions from ship’s diesel engines, essential in such a dense residential neighbourhood. “Hotelling” cruise ships burn about 700 litres of diesel an hour; something the Mayor's own office suggests is equivalent of 688 permanently running HGVs.

Disquiet about air pollution is widespread and increasing. Jim Fitzpatrick, MP for Poplar and Limehouse has already expressed his concern to a Government Select Committee, telling them that air pollution from the terminal would affect the whole of London. We also understand that mitigation measures such as onshore power will be obligatory by 2025, why build a cruise port that may be obsolete in just seven years time?

Dr Paul Stookes of law firm, Richard Buxton Environmental & Public Law Solicitors, explained that:

“the challenge to the planning decision is being defended by Greenwich Council and the developers and therefore the opportunity for an early resolution of the matter has gone. The High Court will now proceed to a permission stage, and, if granted set a timetable for a final hearing.”

Our EGRA Chair, Dan Hayes, says:

”We believe that the planning decision is short-sighted and ruinous to Londoners’ health. Nearly 10,000 people die of air pollution in our capital each year and far more suffer ill-health because of bad air. We have been constantly exhorted to use public transport, buy cleaner cars or cycle, only to have dirty developments thrust on our communities. It’s time to call a halt on decision-making that makes air pollution much worse for Londoners, and the Cruise Terminal proposal, without on-shore power, is a striking example of this.”

Fed up with government, both local and national, failing to properly consider the serious environmental impacts of their planning decisions; we have been pressing the London Mayoral candidates and our local MPs (both Tower Hamlets and Greenwich) to take action to prevent this dangerous development.

A community contribution of at least £6,000 is initially needed to support the proceedings. Because EGRA believe this issue is critical to the well-being of residents we are supporting the legal action. Our Borough is one of the most polluted in London.

If you want a clean cruise port instead of one which pollutes, if you can help please pledge your contribution at No money is taken until and unless we reach our target.

We will keep in touch over the next few weeks and will try to keep our website up to date so do keep checking. Any specific queries can be sent to, we will try to clear the inbox regularly.