Ending Traffic Domination of Greenwich


Take a look at the on-line PowerPoint Presentation:  This could be a popular action for our new councillors to take; but enough said for the present. The case of Poynton in Cheshire well illustrates how we could benefit.

How?:  Step 1: Control the density of vehicles in the centre.

How could this apply to Greenwich?:  By smart traffic lights outside the centre which only allow vehicles into the centre when the exits are clear.But, you will say: “But won’t this cause a lot of congestion?”PowerPoint Presentation:  No. It just means that when the traffic is greater than the capacity of the system, then it will be held outside the centre rather than clogging up the streets in the centre.How?: Step 2: Take out all four sets of traffic lights. Establish clear ‘gateways’ where vehicles are entering shared space, with a 10 mph speed limit. Repave the streets in the centre to reflect the priority of pedestrians.

 There are three main roads in and two minor ones. So vehicles would wait at the traffic lights outside the centre until the exits are clear and the density in the centre is low, instead of clogging up the centre when the traffic is heavy.

So should the Greenwich Society promote this?: 

To let us know your views please contact Chris Todhunter by email. ct@stalf.org.uk: