The Greenwich Society

Parliamentary Constituency Boundary Changes

Individual members of the Society have until April 4th to make representations about Boundary Changes to our Constituency.

Members of the Society should contact the Boundary Commissioner at to express their views that the current seat of Greenwich and Woolwich should remain broadly as it is.

To equalise population numbers among constituencies, a part of the present constituency will need to be hived off to an adjacent seat. The proposal that we support is for Glyndon Ward to be absorbed into the Erith and Thamesmead constituency and the ‘core ‘ of the present constituency embracing Greenwich and Woolwich should remain as it is.

This reflected the interim view of the Boundary Commissioner and informed the submissions made by Tim Barnes on behalf of the Society to the Public Hearing at Bromley.

None of the major political parties are seeking to break up our present seat which, of course, brings the whole of the constituency within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, but a resident of Croydon has submitted that there should be a new seat of Lewisham North and Greenwich with a separate seat in Woolwich. And a resident of Islington has suggested a Greenwich and Deptford seat.

The Society believes that the present constituency boundaries (at least as far as the area covered by the Society is concerned) work well along with objecting to those counterproposals that seek to place Greenwich in a predominately Lewisham constituency. We would hope that individual members of the Society who share that view might communicate it to the Boundary Commissioner.

There is no prescribed length for submissions to this secondary consultation and each will necessarily reflect, in evidencing the local ties between our Greenwich community and those other riverside communities to our east, individual circumstances and personal habits/involvement in local organisations. 

You can submit your views by logging on to the Commission’s website and clicking on the ‘Make a comment’ box here: -

Boundary Commission