The Executive Committee's "open" meeting

On Wednesday 15th June 2016, the Executive Committee of the Greenwich Society met in its usual location - the Edinburgh Room in Queen Anne Court on the Old Royal Naval College campus which the University of Greenwich kindly facilitates for us. However, unusually, the meeting was open and members were invited to join the meeting, to see the business conducted and to take part in discussions about the issues of concern that occupy us at the moment.

Minutes of the meeting will be published - and available to read and download - but the topics covered during the discussions included: -

  • The cruise liner terminal challenge,
  • Air quality,
  • Circus Field over-use,
  • Burney Street Police Station redevelopment and its future,
  • The Arches,
  • The proposed Silvertown Tunnel,
  • IKEA on the Peninsula,
  • Greenwich Centre expansion,
  • the town centre and pedestrians,
  • CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) local spending,
  • southeastern trains on the Greenwich line and London Bridge,
  • working with others groups and
  • the need for new faces on the committee