The Greenwich Society

What We Do

Greenwich river front from Island Gardens

The Greenwich Society aims...

  • to make Greenwich a better place for all who live, work and study there
  • to protect the town's heritage and improve it's amenities
  • to make it attractive for visitors

The Greenwich Society welcomes new developments...

  • that are in harmony with the spirit of the area
  • that bring regeneration from dereliction and decay
  • that bring sustainable new jobs

The Greenwich Society plays its part...

  • in the town centre and in East and West Greenwich
  • through membership of the local agencies for regeneration
  • through membership of community and environmental groups

The Greenwich Society...

  • is a registered charity
  • has a successful track record for over 50 years
  • organises social and other events for its members

 East Greenwich river front at low tide

Key Objectives

  • Effective traffic management and public transport
  • Thriving, long-lasting, sustainable businesses
  • Proper arrangements to manage the movements of visitors
  • Appropriate regeneration of derelict and run-down sites
  • Continuing face lifts for the Greenwich and East Greenwich town centres
  • Improvement of both the built and natural environment in our area
  • Close and effective work with the agencies that manage change